A new innovative development in body care 6in1 FatTherapy – which combines six different super-effective technologies in one body care program! Procedure, which tightens and trims the skin, decreases body measurements and cellulite. The simple and painless procedure enhances metabolism and trims body.

6in1 FatTherapy procedure combines:

  • 2x cavitation, or non-surgical liposuction with double effect, which breaks fat and promotes its removal from the body. The procedure results in decrease of body measurements and cellulite, the skin becomes smoother and more tightened.
  • Bipolar radio wave – tightens the faded skin and is the best texture remedy.
  • Infrared light – laser light, which stimulates production of new collagen and elastin, and processes the fat cells.
  • Bio-stimulation – the unique multi-phase bio-stimulation helps transport broken fat cells out of the body in the form of toxins, while the muscles use them as a source of energy. Phases of bio-stimulation programs are very accurately programmed. Apart from the muscles, the impact also targets the skin, epidermis, fat tissue, lymph and blood circulation. The result is the smooth skin and toned muscles.
  • Vacuum massage – helps radio waves and infrared light to be absorbed into the deepest skin layers, and stimulates metabolism.

The results are visible after the first procedures. The procedure is recommended as a course – 6-12 times not less than twice a week – thus it provides the best local effect. The results are assessed during the procedures and at the end of the course by a specialist of Rotermann’s BodyCentre.

The procedure takes 40 minutes, however, we advise to allocate 1 hour for preparation. The procedure starts with oiling a local area, then the problematic zone is massaged. Consume plenty of water and green tea after the procedure to help the body to get rid of toxins. During and at the end of the course the healthy life should be followed. Avoid eating much two hours before and after the session.

Patients with heart diseases or hypertension, users of configurated pace-makers;
Patients with acute inflammation, asthma, arterial thrombosis, cancer, etc.;
Patients with hemorrhage, trauma or bleeding;
pregnancy, breast feeding;
operations (during last 3 months);
Parts of body from medical plastic or parts of body with artificial fillings;
The presence of metal parts in the body;
Sufferers under skin inflammation or oedema;
Immune system diseases;
Suffering from numbness or heat insensibility.

We ask each new client to complete a questionnaire, whereby he / she confirms the absence of contraindications. In the event of a contraindication, you need to consult your family therapist.

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