Deep cleansing treatment for greasy and acne-prone seborrheic skin with open comedones.

It removes toxic substances that accumulate on the skin, normalizes fat spreading, reduces keratoses and reduces the amount of open comedones. During the procedure, the specialist uses peat mud, colloidal silver, willow bark extract, white clay and plant extracts, including: liquorice, viola tricolor.Excellent results of manual cleansing.


  • greasy skin
  • teenager acne problems and, besides, early menopause acne
  • cleaning the face, back and neck area and the skin fat regulation
  • maintenance together with manual cleansing


  • reduced hair follicle keratosis
  • less comedones• clean pores
  • stabilized fat spreading
  • skin free from toxic substances, strengthened skin protection mechanisms


We recommend you planning the treatment scheme during the first appointment. For a better result, a course of 6-8 treatments is recommended.