Aroma massage – aroma therapy is an art, the aesthetic art of healing, which uses extracted volatile essential oils from different parts of aromatic plants and trees to care about the mental and physical health of patient.

Oils may feature revitalising, soothing, pain alleviating, hormone-balancing and liquid-eliminating effect.


  • Orange oil has a tone-improving and stress-decreasing effect.
  • Neroli oil – rejuvenates the skin cells and brings the blood pressure down.
  • Ylang-ylang relieves stress and mental fatigue; balances hormone system.
  • Juniper is strong antiseptic, able to alleviate colds, rheumatic pains; promotes elimination of toxins from the tissues.
  • Mint supports concentration; alleviates headache and sickness.
  • Lemon improves ability to work, refreshes, promotes blood and lymph circulation.
  • Lavender calms down, alleviating muscle pains and impaired blood circulation.

Aroma massage is one of the aroma therapy methods, which combines healing touches with effects of the essential oils prepared from plants. The essential oils are known as antiseptics, in addition, some of them feature anti-viral and anti-inflammatory characteristics. A desired effect is achieved through a correct choice of the oils.

Aroma therapy aims at prevention of illnesses and increase of treatment efficiency, stimulation of natural healing, promotion of the body’s hidden reserves and reinforcement of the immune system. Besides, essential oils have an effect on the central nervous system – either sedative, excitatory or normalising – depending on our needs and wishes!

During the massage, a few drops of essential oil – selected according to a problem – are added to a basic plant oil. When applied on the skin, oils get absorbed into blood circulation through perspiratory glands and hair follicles.

Massage is an important part of the aroma therapy treatment, which has a relaxing effect, revitalising the ill and tired body. It also improves mental well-being.