A new direction in SPA therapy – get free from toxins, cellulite and oedema and improve the blood flow!

Bandage wrap is an effective solution to various skin problems, since wraps do not require washing off after use, and active substances continue to effect for several hours. For wrapping, a dissolved gel formulation is used to strengthen the metabolic processes in all layers of the skin, from the epidermis to the subcutaneous fat layer.

Thanks to the unique formula of the gel, blood flow improves and oedema conditions are lost, which in turn helps to lose cellulite.

This type of wrapping provides the ability to carry out detoxification of the body as the extraction of toxins, accumulated in the cells, increases.

Additionally, the excess of salt and excessive tissue fluid are removed from the tissues, so oedema, which is common for cellulite, disappears.

As a result of wrapping, the metabolic rate in the application area normalises, the fat cells accumulations, which are the basis of cellulite, break up, liquid is eliminated from the tissues, excluding a cause for oedema and faded skin. The skin tightens, gets moisturized and becomes smooth. The functioning of the nervous system, sleep and mood improve as these methods are relaxing and create a very pleasant feeling.The bandage wrap is an effective solution to various skin problems, it features therapeutic and prophylactic effects. For wrapping, a special bandage compound is used, which strengthens the skin tissues, increases their elasticity, improves after-effect and prevents side effects of the weight loss, balancing the energy flows and the body condition. How it works? Wrapping has the anti-cellulite, nourishing, moisturizing and healing effects that both tighten the skin surface and subcutaneous tissue. Unlike other wrapping methods, there is no re-absorption of toxins. The effect is achieved due to a semi-elastic cotton bandage designed specifically for this procedure.The wrapping results in acquiring of the necessary minerals and nutrients by the skin, therefore the skin tone, elasticity and glow are regained.

NB! The wrapping is also suitable for tightening postnatal mothers’ stomachs and is ideal for people with thyroid function problems.