A new innovative body treatment Coldlipo has arrived at Rotermann Body and Slimming Centre. The treatment is based on a cold method of breaking the fat cells, and helps to lose extra centimetres within a few weeks!

The principle of Coldlipo technology is the decomposition of the fat cells through the effects of non-surgical liposuction, or cavitation, and their natural death through cold weathering. Ultrasonic waves, produced by a special apparatus, soften the fat, and break down the fat cell defensive membrane. A special selection of the ultrasonic parameters allows targeted effects only on the fat cells to be broken down. Released triglycerides, which are made up of the fat cells, are removed through the natural metabolic processes. In addition, the local cooling of the fat deposits helps to become slimmer in the absolutely physiological and natural manner, without burdening the body. You do not need to undergo any surgery, feel unpleasant sensations or expose yourself to the risk of complications. Due to the fact, that for our body fat is a kind of an energy source, the body begins to release thermal energy by breaking the fat cells through chilling and freezing. As a result of breaking the adipose tissue, we achieve the necessary aesthetic effect – fat deposits disappear and cellulite decreases!


The procedure itself is simple and painless. A specialist begins to prepare the skin by the non-surgical liposuction and trimming the skin. Next, a special seal is placed between the cold plate in order to protect the skin from over-freezing and ensure the even distribution of cold. In such manner, deep cooling of the fat deposits is ensured, which means that activating break-up of fats and their further processing continues in the body through the metabolic processes. During the procedure, the body directs its protective forces to heating of the cooled area and the fat cells start break up efficiently. Whereas, nerves, veins, muscles and skin remain undamaged. Due to breaking up of the fat deposits, the blood and lymph vessels expand. It triggers the metabolism and cell renewal. The skin will become elastic, smooth and tightened.



The effects of Coldlipo procedures can be expected after the first procedures. During one procedure, the number of the fat cells decreases by 10-20%. Depending on your individual peculiarities and wishes, you will need 5-10 procedures according to a problem and the characteristics of the organism. You can be sure that you will see the first results within 2-4 weeks.Deep fat burning mechanisms are triggered by the complete course, and the decrease in the amount of the fat cells occurs within 1-2 months after the end of the course.

Coldlipo helps to correct the following areas:

  • stomach, swollen hips;
  • thighs, buttocks;
  • internal and external hips
  • arms;
  • back – In the area of shoulder blades;
  • bra folders;


  • decrease of subdermal adipose tissue;
  • cellulite reduction;
  • improvement of skin elasticity;
  • improvement of skin blood supply;
  • decrease of cut, burning scars and pregnancy stretches.

We ask each new client to complete a questionnaire, whereby he / she confirms the absence of contraindications. In the event of a contraindication, you need to consult your family therapist.