Deep peelings are not pleasant and can cause annoying tenderness and irritation of the skin.Deep peeling damages the epidermis, resulting in damage to client such as changes in pigmentation or even scars.

>Why is the Cool-Peel procedure special?

  • has been scientifically established and researched by Dr. Des Fernandes;
  • Safe and efficient peeling;
  • User-friendly and easy maintenance;
  • Can be adapted to the skin type and skin problem;
  • Cool feeling and painless to the client, does not require recovery time;
  • the most effective pH between 1-2.4;
  • acids in low concentrations stimulate keratin compounds to produce stronger, healthier and evener skin;
  • Acid pH, which lowers the skin’s pH for a specific period of time, stimulates keratinocytes to release specific growth promoters;
  • Environ Peeling confirms that the acid does not kill healthy cells of the epidermis.

The alcohol form of vitamin A – retinol – used in cosmetics, has once again become famous as a miraculous potion for wrinkling and sun damage, although it was already known in the 1950s. The problem with using retinol is that high levels of retinol can irritate the skin and can make it more sensitive to the sun. The lightest and most skin-friendly form of vitamin A is retinyl palmitate, which is the store of vitamin A in the skin. Retinyl palmitate protects the skin in a natural manner, and, together with antioxidants (vitamins C and E), it provides a natural sun protection factor-20 in Environ AVST creams, but does not detract from the formation of the required vitamin D in the skin. As the skin destroys vitamin A throughout the day, we need to add vitamin A and antioxidants to the skin at least once a day to make up for the lost vitamins.

Cool-Peel helps fight multiple skin problems:

  • Ageing and wrinkles;
  • acne and acne scars;
  • pigmentation spots;

To achieve the best and most intensive result, go through a course of 5-6  Cool-Peel facial treatments, 1x a week.