Skinclinic micro-needle treatment for head skin against loss of hair

An adult’s scalp has about 100,000 hair follicles that need nutrients, provided with healthy scalp blood supplies. Hair does not grow steadily, but passes through two important and different phases: the phase of growth and the resting phase.Normally, the hair growth cycle is 85-90% of hair in the growth phase and 15-10% in the resting phase. When the number of hair in the resting phase increases at the expense of hair growth in the growth phase, the body cannot restore the amount of hair falling, and loss of hair will become noticeable.For micro-acne treatment, the specially developed cocktail is applied to micropores to reduce and strengthen hair growth.

As a result of the procedure, the hair begins to fall less, the hair growth accelerates and the hair become thicker, stronger and get more volume.

During treatment, the scalp, hair follicles and capillaries are stimulated, resulting in the increase in the flow of oxygen and nutrients. The procedure stimulates the hair follicle, moisturizes the scalp, and adjusts the secretion. Hair growth accelerates, hair roots become stronger, dandruff is removed and the scalp is healed.It is recommended that the procedure is performed 6-8 times, 1x per week, with 7-day intervals.During the course, we recommend using special treatments in addition to home care of the hair to maximize results.

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