A perfect opportunity to lose 2-6 cm of your measurements before an important occasion or event!

BioSlim is a specially designed slimming package to reduce centimetres before an important occasion or event. You may feel uncomfortable because your stomach, feet or hands bother you in certain clothing. Here, Bioslim helps to trim the problematic areas. The Bioslim procedure contains non-surgical liposuction to reduce subcutaneous fat. A special selection of ultrasonic parameters allows targeted effects only on the fat cells to be broken down. The fat cells, which consist of released triglycerides, are removed from the cell-space through natural metabolic processes.After non-surgical liposuction, the slimming specialist continues with the RF lifting procedure, which tightens and trims the swollen body area. The procedure activates the fat degradation process and improves blood circulation.

In order to promote and improve removal of the fat cell degradation products via lymphatic circulation, the non-surgical liposuction is combined with the vacuum shape anti-cellulite treatment, which leads to the improved blood and lymph circulation. The skin surface becomes smoother, the skin becomes tight and cellulite decreases. The anti-cellulite body cream, produced by the famous Italian SuperDren, company, is then applied to the body, which reduces the amount of fat due to fluid retention, prevents fat loss and improves the micro-circulation in the skin.

BioSlim is an ideal treatment for the sensitive, delicate skin designed to combat cellulite and facilitate the removal of fluids from the body. Finally, the problem area of ​​the slimming person is covered with natural, ultra-efficient Natury Detox Slimming strips that enhance the skin tone, elasticity and model the body shape.NB! The patient is given Natury Detox Slimming strips for the home use (2x) after the procedure to intensify the results and maximize the effect!Before and after procedures, eating a lot should be avoided and drinking plenty of water is a must.On average, the patient loses about 2-6 cm, depending on the area of ​​the body and personal characteristics.

Duration 2h

Introductory price 79 €