New Bodylift technology is an intensive non-surgical body treatment with a breaking fat tissue and tightening effect. In the case of bigger fat deposits, the fat tissue reduces by 3-6 cm after the first treatment.

The walls of fat cells are damaged under gentle ultrasonic action, and released through triglycerides. Next, triglycerides are processed by the liver and kidneys and naturally removed from the body. The surrounding tissue, nerves and muscles remain completely untouched.

The results:

Breaks and decreases subcutaneous fat layer

Tightens fading skin

Reduces cellulite

A specialist reviews your problematic areas and mark a processed zone. Next, a   special gel is applied and treatment of the zone begins.

Treatable areas:

  • stomach, swollen hips;
  • back folders;
  • arms;
  • thighs;
  • buttocks;
  • legs;
  • the knee area.

Bodylift procedure is painless and pleasant and completely safe for your health.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • prompt results;
  • safe, non-surgical and painless
  • no recovery time required;

Bodylift procedure is an excellent opportunity to reduce fat in the areas, that cannot be treated with diet or physical load.

Patients with heart diseases or hypertension; users of configurated pace-makers;
patients with acute inflammation; patients with asthma; sufferers from arterial thrombosis, cancer, etc.;
patients with hemorrhage, trauma or bleeding;

pregnancy, breast feeding;
intensive contact with the sun (1 month prior to the procedure)
laser procedures or acid peelings (1 week prior to the procedure)
operations (during last 3 months);
consuming strong preparations (during last 3 months)

The procedure should be performed as a course during 1 month 3x times, with an interval of 8-10 days.

We ask each new client to complete a questionnaire, whereby he / she confirms the absence of contraindications. In the event of a contraindication, you need to consult your family therapist.