Celluslim – effective high-technology, fighting larger fat deposits!

The Body and Slimming Centre today can offer you an effective innovative non-invasive safe method of treatment for reducing cellulite and excess fat deposits, which is done with infrared laser system and which boasts double fat-reduction effect, obtained in non-surgical procedure. This CelluSlim system is an example of the new generation of devices fighting fat cells, and it has already received international rewards and acknowledgement worldwide!

Body treatment Celluslim combines outstanding scientific achievements in the sphere of body care. Until lately, aesthetic cosmetology only provided such non-invasive procedures, which altered structure of fat tissue. Fat cells could be removed from problematic areas only during operation, i.e. liposuction. However, each operation is invasive (cut made in body), and, apart from recovery, staying in hospital, swelling, wearing supporting stockings, you might wait for results for months.

Special machine produces low-frequency ultrasonic waves that affect fat tissue, causing the effect of cavitation, or formation of microbubbles. They grow in size, soften fat and split adipocyte membrane which protects fat cell. So, fat storage reservoir is destroyed and no fat deposits can be stored. Special choice of ultrasonic radiation parameters allows you targeted treatment, i.e. splitting, of fat cells only.
The procedure is performed with a help of laser low energy, which promotes stimulation of fat cells membranes, altering their permeability. Cells lose their rounded shape, thus destroying intracellular fat. Triglycerides are released from body step-by-step in course of natural metabolism. Laser energy sends chemical signal to fat cell membrane, which splits it, and stored lactic acid is released directly into lymph system. Such procedure ensures better after-treatment metabolism and eliminates free lactic acids, preventing them from storing again. Released triglycerides, which form part of fat cells, are eliminated from intercellular space in a course of natural metabolism processes. Skin state improves, metabolism is promoted, and cellulite is split as a result of collagen production stimulation. Skin tightens and becomes smoother.


  • reduction of subdermal fat tissue;
  • reduction of fibrosis manifestations;
  • skin elasticity improvement;
  • improvement of skin blood supply;
  • scar smoothing after surgical liposuction.

The effect is visible after first sessions: volume of fat deposits in the problematic areas reduces by 3-5 cm immediately following the first procedure. During the next week the effect is enhanced. The significant result from Celluslim procedure also includes blood supply improvement and fibroblast stimulation, which promote skin elasticity and tighten skin.

CelluSlim is an effective method of shaping body when trainings and diet give no adequate result.  The procedure is suitable both for women and men, on all zones (except for the breast zone). The main treatment zones include stomach, waist, thighs, buttocks, knees, chin, back and arms.

Results of CelluSlim procedure were clinically proved to be comparable to surgical liposuction. Ultrasonic examinations show up to 30% reduction of fat layer following the first session. So, a few sessions may reduce circumference by 3-12 cm.


  • instant, long-lasting and natural results;
  • completely safe and painless;
  • no wearing compression underwear required;
  • done without making cuts or perforation;
  • zero recovery period.

For better results we recommend to combine Celluslim procedure with LPG procedure.  Before and after the procedure you should drink plenty of water and green tea to help elimination of toxins and excretion from body. During and at the end of the treatment course you should follow the healthy lifestyle. Better to avoid having big breakfast two hours before and after the procedure.

damaged skin in the cavitation area: splits, erosion, infection;
pregnancy and breast-feeding;
blood coagulation failures;
immune system diseases;
hepatitis, renal disease, gall-stones;
thyroid function abnormality;
chronic vein insufficiency, phlebithis, thrombophebitis;
heart diseases and pacemaker;
oncological diseases (benign and malignant tumours);
infections and inflammations;
diabetes (II type);
varicose veins;
inner ear and ear drum damages;
metal prosthesis near cavitation area;
operations (3 months prior to the procedure).

Duration of the procedure is approx. 40-45 min. and it can be repeated on the same area 5 days after. During one procedure 2 different areas can be treated. Treatment course contains 5-12 procedures, done regularly twice (2) a week. If necessary, supporting therapy is provided.
Each new client has to fill in and sign a questionnaire to confirm that he/she has no contraindications. Patient with contraindications should consult their family therapist.