Treatment as an alternative to using microdermabrasion with Sapphire scrub. Strongly exfoliates and „polish” rough skin, cleanses and smoothes. Brightens, improves skin tone and reduces shallow wrinkles. Gradually eliminates impurities, blackheads and enlarged “pores” The skin is clean, smooth and fresh. Treatment guarantees visible results in a short time.


  • dull, damaged and rough skin
  • thick and greasy skin
  • follicle keratosis
  • smoker’s skin
  • photoaging
  • as preventive measures after 30 years of age


  • very sensitive or irritated skin
  • purulent inflammation of the skin
  • skin lesions (scratches, abrasions)


  • brightened and firmed skin
  • removed small wrinkles
  • reduced deep wrinkles
  • evened skin colour
  • improved skin’s tension
  • stimulated growth of new skin cells
  • stimulated microcirculation and production of collagen and elastin
  • reduced excessive keratosis and skin flaking
  • narrowed pores
  • gradual elimination of acne skin changes such as blackheads and lumps
  • facilitate the absorption of active ingredients of the products used after peeling


As a single treatment or series of 4-6 treatments. One treatment per week.