Skinclinic high technology for skin tightening and smoothing.

Due to age and fatigue, the facial features become deeper and the face loses its youthful contour. Until now, tensing treatments only worked on the skin structure, restoring the epidermal net and tightening the dermis.Firming care gives the skin tone and lifts the face contour, affecting the muscles. In the lower layers of the skin, muscle tone and tension recovers, cell activity increases and the facial features become visibly tightened. The treatment forms and rejuvenates the face, activating muscles during the care. After the care, you will see the difference in the mirror, facial texture is once again trimmed, and the skin is smoothed.


  • clear signs of aging and wrinkles, the skin has lost its elasticity, shows grey complexion
  • loose, tired facial expression
  • a quick maintenance result is immediate


  • the immediate effect – face contour is tight
  • the skin is elastic;
  • obviously fewer wrinkles, wrinkles filled
  • swollen eyes are reduced
  • the complexion is clear, rested, even

The procedure tightens and smoothes the swollen sunken skin. Reduces wrinkles and ridges, and the skin is brighter and more elastic.To get the best results, we recommend that you go through 5-10 procedures. Come to a free consultation, if you are not sure which procedure is best for you and would like advice from a beauty specialist. Our experienced specialists recommend the most suitable solution according to your skin type, facial features and expected results.