Body care has always been a very personal type of service. Every person is different and therefore needs a slightly different approach. For this we have based our service on individual programs. On our client’s first visit, we will provide them with an individual program including both body treatments and actions to be taken by the client outside of our sessions. All the future activities will be based on that plan. On the average, the participant of a slimming program loses 4-16 cm of their full body circumference under the care of a skilled specialist.

Our individual slimming programs are created by best physical therapists and specialists. On the average, the participant of a slimming program loses 4-16 cm of their full body circumference under the care of a skilled specialist.


A personal slimming program is a combined individual treatment plan created by a specialist, defining most efficient procedures based on the needs and goals of the dieter. All dieters will be weighed and measured throughout the treatment. The specialist can change the slimming program according to the needs of the dieter and results of the treatment.

* assessing the health condition
* finding problematic areas and spots
* measuring the body
* creating an individual diet plan (on client’s request)
* creating an individual training plan (client’s request)


An average treatment program will last 4-8 weeks, depending on the needs of each customer’s organism.

Every client will receive an individual body care program on the first meeting (diet and training plans will be created if the client requests so) for achieving optimal results on following sessions.

All participants of the slimming program are required to fill out a questionnaire, read contraindications and confirm that they have done so with their signature!


Rotermanni Body Centre’s diet plans are created by MAREK MOROZOV! Marek Morozov has continously trained for 17 years and for 14 of those, also worked as a trainer. Over that time he has acquired a personal trainer certification from an international organization called IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) and level IV trainer certificate from EKFL (Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association). In addition to that, Marek has gone through many courses and trainings concerning human physiology and anatomy, training methodology, diagnosing and treating injuries.

He has also helped multiple ballgame corporations and individual sportsmen. He’s training fitness and gym trainers and is a member of the examination committee of the Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Association. He’s also currently participating in a workgroup alongside with leading Estonian nutritional scientists and doctors, responsible for creating a national nutrition program for schools, hospitals and trainers, which could be used later as a basis for considering the special needs of individuals and the basics of healthy dieting.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to lose weight by burning fat or increase it by building muscles – you can only do it with the help of an effective diet. The personal nutrition plan takes into account person’s age, sex, physiological characteristics and goals.

Based on your daily routine, we will determine the frequency of your meals (when you wake up, train, sleep). We’ll also work out the balance between macro nutrients (proteins, fats, hydrocarbons) and micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals), in order to assure the maximum result without feeling hungry.

Alongside with the nutrition plan, you will also receive picture material and advice on why it’s good to eat in the way specified, what to change if necessary and how to do it without harming your health.