The new facial procedure suits all age groups and skin types (even in case of expanded capillaries, very sensitive thin skin and excessive growth of hairs). Ultrasound enhances the production of new skin cells, improves the blood and lymph circulation. As the result the skin of the face is rejuvenated, the skin becomes smoother, more elastic and healthier. The rejuvenation of the skin enables to remove pigment spots and the uneven surface of the face. Being an anti-bacterial procedure, the ultrasound facial procedure provides very good results in acne treatment. After the cleansing treatment the effectiveness of creams and masks applied at home improves significantly.

We use the newest technology in Estonia comprising ultrasound together with ion and photon therapy, which enable to deep-moisturise and smooth the skin, decrease the existing wrinkles and avoid new ones and decrease acne. The deep impact of the ultrasound device with ion and photon light is more effective than the ultrasound used earlier. The face massage performed with it relaxes tense facial muscles and diminishes swelling in the tissue under the skin.

Thanks to the applied ultrasound facial treatment with ion and photon therapy the active agents and serums reach the deep tissues (no other massage is known to have that effect) during the treatment. Thanks to that the balance of moisture in the skin is improved and the signs of aging on the skin are decreased significantly.

The ion speeds up the metabolism in the skin and the work of cells. The ion+ helps to perform the deep-cleansing of fat and impurities and the ion- enables to intensify the impact and results of the skin treatment products, to lessen the thin lines and wrinkles and to avoid other signs of aging on the skin.

The green LED light of photon therapy – alleviates skin irritation like redness, itching and tingling.

The blue LED light – helps to relax, balance and decrease inflammations and the reproduction of bacteria, suits better oily skin, types prone to acne and sensitive skin.

Red LED light – diminishes the effects of aging by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, by restoring and trimming the skin and decreasing wrinkles and swelling under the eyes.

Photon therapy rejuvenates and stimulates cell functions, improves micro-circulation, increases the content of oxygen in the skin and improves the structure of the skin.


  • epilepsy;
  • arrhythmias and heart stimulators;
  • malignant tumour;
  • skin infection and allergies;
  • acute acne inflammation;
  • big birthmarks;
  • metal prosthesis on the upper part of the body;
  • pregnancy;
  • acute illness (flu);
  • inflammatory processes in the body.

The complex facial procedure with ultrasound, ion and photon therapy suits any type of skin and in case of various problems. Outstanding results in deep-cleansing of the skin, acne treatment and stressed out aging skin. During the procedure the skin is prepared with cleansing milk and lotion, different programs are used for deep-cleansing, refreshing the skin, smoothing the wrinkles, relaxing the skin and decreasing the pores; the procedure ends with the application of an oxygenic mask, serum and cream.

The best result is achieved with 5-8 facial cleansing procedures performed 1-2 a week, already one procedure gives visible results.