VacuumShape treatment has been specially designed for breaking up enlarged fat cells, resulting in the skin improvement, accelerated metabolism and stimulated collagen production which leads to cellulite reduction, tightened and smooth skin.

By activating fat cells metabolism, VacuumShape reduces fat cells, tightening the skin at the same time. Bipolar radio wave and infrared light penetrate the layers of dermis and sub-dermis and affect the fat tissue. Dermis and sub-dermis are heated to over 42°C, when the blood vessels expand and the fat cells metabolism accelerates. The process inhibits incapsulation of the fat cells, the blood circulation improves and heat raises the fibroblast cells activity for production of collagen and elastin. Mechanical and vacuum massage stimulate the work of tissue, the blood and lymph circulation improve, thus reducing accumulation of liquids and toxins in tissues. The skin surface is flattening, tightening, smoothing and cellulite is reduced.

The VacuumShape procedure combines:

  • bipolar radio wave– tightens faded skin and is one of the best skin texture remedies;
  • infrared light– laser light, that stimulates production of new collagen and elastin and processes the fat cells;
  • vacuum massage–helps radio waves and infrared light to penetrate the deep layers of the skin and stimulates metabolism;
  • mechanical massage– improves lymph circulation, breaks up the fat capsules and helps anti-cellulite cream to get absorbed in a better way.

VacuumShape treatment features multiple advantages and factors, which make it the most effective method to fight cellulite and plumpness:

  • combats problematic areas and fat deposits on the stomach, thighs and buttocks – the most problematic areas, where training and diet often fail to provide the result;
  • makes the skin more elastic, tightened, significantly decreases stretches in the treated area;
  • helps to eliminate side effects of surgical liposuction, accelerates and strengthens the outcome of surgery;
  • due to more intense blood circulation and lymph drainage fights the leg oedema;
  • the most effective treatment for postpartum body shape recovery (eliminates cellulite, stretch marks and trims the skin).


• figure correction – reduction of dimensions on the hips, stomach, buttocks and hands;
• blood circulation improvement;
• improvement and tightening of the skin structure;
• reduction of stretch marks;
• postnatal recovery;
• recovery from surgical liposuction;
• decreased oedema;
• relief of muscle pain;
• muscle tone increase

In order to achieve a better result, we recommend going through a course of VacuumShape cellulite treatment, which consists of 6-12 procedures, with intervals 2-3 times a week. We also advice algae wraps, drinking plenty of water or green tea and using anti-cellulite cream, specially recommended to you. Avoid eating much two hours before and after a session. The skin renewal and texture improvement processes will continue for up to 1.5 months after the course.

Pregnancy and breast feeding;
tumours in the treated area;
higher varicose veins;
damaged skin, open wounds and herpes in the treated area;
allergic reaction to the light;
consuming strong preparations, antibiotics;
pace maker and metal implants in the treated area.

We ask each new client to complete a questionnaire, whereby he / she confirms the absence of contraindications. In the event of a contraindication, you need to consult your family therapist.